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I even wrote Marina an email with some of my thoughts about what you wrote. I really think Marina has been a pioneer in getting more people interested in etymology.

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She found one thing that get's males attention more than anything else and used that to her advantage. She has even turned me from a word hater into someone who now is starting to like words much more. Even my sister has notice a change and improvement Captain Jack. As for where I've been, I don't tend to browse YouTube very much, andas I said in the blog-post"Hot for Words" hasn't yet appeared on the radar of any of the other language-blogs I'm familiar with.

As a linguist, I'm all for anything which makes the study of Language more interesting and more accessible to a larger audience. And "Hot for Words" does this, in an innovative way. Monday, 7 December Hot for Words: On titillating etymologies and pop philology with some remarks on Beowulf movies and sex thrown in for good measure. Apparently Marina started her YouTube channel back in , but I'd never heard of her until this week. I haven't seen her discussed in any of the usual places Language Log , languagehat , etc. I'm usually on the lookout for video clips having to do with language but somehow I missed this series.

Here's the first video she posted the more recent videos are much more polished :. And a blurb from her website:. Hailing from Moscow, Marina has two degrees in philology which is the study of linguistics and origins of words. She came to the United States six years ago to improve her English skills and prepare for her Ph. Two and a half years ago, Marina burst onto the YouTube scene. Her initial goal was to reach more people with her language knowledge In each video she takes word requests from YouTube users and discusses their meanings and origins.

Obviously part of her popularity is simply because sex iness sells. But is this a bad thing? I had some concerns about whether her philology would be sound, especially as she's apparently a recurrent guest on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor and I don't associate Fox News with "truthiness". The few "Hot for Words" videos I watched, however, seemed largely accurate. I mean, they weren't deep, and I'm guessing Orlova takes a lot of etymologies straight from the OED, but I didn't notice any serious misinformation.

Etymologies seem to be her main trade, though she does have a video which touches on sound change, dealing with the pronunciation of kn- initial words where knife is illustrated by a khukuri!

Turning back to the "Teaching for Lust" article, Bousquet's comments on Orlova are rather perplexing:. The year-old Russian philologist is a former Ph. She is a self-funding responsibility center. She gets great student evaluations. Her teaching methods are susceptible to straightforward assessment instruments. Now, Masse's remarks see link above seem to be on target, but I'm not sure how this relates to sexed-up YouTube mini-philology, as Bousquet suggests.

Orlova doesn't seem to be teaching just for "love": she's a revenue-sharing YouTube partner , she's signed an endorsement deal with "coComment" , and she's published a book with HarperCollins. If she started out teaching for "love of fame " as Bousquet argues, I assume it was because she figured she could parlay that fame into money.

But how does this affect academics?

Too Hot for Comic-Con, Too Silly for Words: 'Piranha 3-D'

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Songtext: Billie Holiday – It's Too Hot for Words Lyrics |

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