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  4. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.
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OneJourney on Instagram…

A high-quality duvet and duvet cover is a more practical combination because the lightweight cover can be washed easily. Try this popular technique , and we also like to use duvet clips to keep everything in place. Alternatively, you can layer a washable blanket with a simple bedspread or quilt. These are also much easier to wash after each guest than a bulky comforter! Please share this post with friends! Comment on this post!

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You Need to Try The Healthy Coastal Reci How to Create the Ul Essentials for Makin Summer Events on Top These were all very helpful tips, many of which we have used on our past cruises. We take magnetic clips and hooks and use them to hold all the papers that are left in the cabin mailbox as well as to hang things that might need to dry. It helps keep the cabin organized. It links to a power cable that is expressly forbidden as it has a built in surge protector. Chris, great catch! Bring a hole punch for your ship card to put on a lanyard—some ships have them in the casino-just ask them to punch a hole and give you the lanyard—makes it easy to carry card around neck.

Excellent post that was concise and highly informative.

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The shuttle to the ship only took us 10 minutes and we were dropped off closer to the ship than the people that parked in the ship parking area. Leaving your car at your home airport for a week or more can run up a pretty big bill.

Carnival Breeze Secret Deck

If you have the time, consider renting a car from the airport the day before your flight. When you return it to the airport just take the auto rental shuttle to the terminal. Do the opposite when you return home. Great Idea! Gas, parking fees, etc. Do the same for the trip home.

Which Carnival Ships Have "Secret Decks"?

Great tips people! Going on our first cruise in December Princess cruises. Miami to LA. My wife and I are hoping that we can go on a sunset cruise tour for our anniversary. A passport can be voided if random non official stamps are in it. Only official government immigration stamps are allowed.

Cool, Calm, & Chaotic: 'Secrets of The Morning Breeze' w/ Alex McBrairty!

Because it is issued by that countries government. If someone from the group gets together with the hospitality people, they can arrange snacks, special meals and gifts for your groups. This was on the Celebrity and it was fantastic. One of the worse things you can suggest and encourage is bringing fruit and food ashore. Respect this when traveling to other countries.

Australia has very strict biosecurity regulations. No food of any type will be allowed in to the country.

Past Exhibition / Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

There will be a quarantine inspection at each port and sometimes even sniffer dogs will be present. This will happen at each port of call in Australia, even if the cruise visits only Australian ports. Thank you for the information as it is very helpful as well as those that offered others.

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We are going on our first cruise ever right after Thanksgiving. It is our 25th anniversary and we are looking forward to it. It even says in the fine print in the back that any unofficial markings inside could invalidate your passport. I got off with a warning once and thankfully my passport has been renewed since then! They often give you onboard credit to book. Many cruise companies offer matching deposits on future cruises when booked on board. If active military or a vet and have ID ask about discount.

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Our parking was free in Galveston for a 7 night cruise. We would suggest using only non-marking items — so tape, not glue — to stick things to the door.

We always bring water shoes when we cruise. Now with those dang Electric Swithes when you leave your cabin.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes I did this on my last cruise.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.

I knew but never took advantage of it. This were great tips!! I consider myself as an experienced cruiser and I learned a lot. Glad you found it useful. I enjoy the learning process, not just the thought of speaking fluently. This is one of the main things new language learners have to accept, and embrace. I am confident that I will succeed. Because I have before! Faith is a big thing in language learning.

Cut Out the Complicated: 5 Secrets to Make Every Meal a Breeze (FREE Email Course)

It seemed like such an impossible task to learn a language to fluency. I put in the time. This point is kind of connected to my first point, because I put in the time because language learning is my hobby, and so I am constantly finding excuses to learn them, rather than excuses to avoid them.

But it is far from a waste of time, it is an investment in yourself and in your future. So, with this knowledge — go forth! Also, thanks so much to all you guys for following my blog — today marks views since I started a few months ago!